Ana səhifə Şəbəkə Cisco – Huawei komandalarının müqayisəsi

Cisco – Huawei komandalarının müqayisəsi

CISCO komandalarıHUAWEI komandaları
show interfacesdisplay interface
Show ip routedisplay ip routing-table
Show ip interfaceDisplay ip interface
Show versionDisplay version
Show ip bgpDisplay bgp routing-table
Show clockDisplay clock
Show portDisplay port-mapping
Show flashdir flash: (on user view mode)
Show loggingDisplay logbuffer
Show snmpDisplay snmp-agent statistics
Show frame-relay pvcDisplay fr pvc-info
Show usersDisplay users
Show terminal lengthscreen-length disableundo screen-length disable
disableSuper 0 (number is privilege level from 0 to 3,where 3 is default and equivalent to “enable” on Cisco)
Conf tSystem-view
Show policy-map interfaceDisplay qos policy interface
 sendsend (on user view mode)
 write terminal (sh run)display current-configuration
Sh startupDisplay saved-configuration
[no equivalent: shows the files used for startup]Display startup
Write eraseReset saved-configuration
Write mem (or wr or copy run start)save
clear countersreset (on user view mode)Reset counters interface
 Enable secret (conf mode)Super pass cipher (system mode)
 Term monterm debu
 debug / no debugdebugging / undo debugging
copy running-configSave safely
terminal monitorterminal monitor
terminal lengthscreen-length disableundo screen-length disable
terminal no monitorundo terminal monitor
clear countersreset counters interface
 clear interface reset counters interface
 clear cryptoipsec saike sa
 clear access-list counters reset acl counter all
 reload reboot
 shutdown shutdown
 boot boot bootrom
 Aaa hwtacacs scheme
 terminal no monitor undo terminal monitor
 tacacs-server hwtacacs scheme (in conf command)
 snmp-server tftp-server (in conf command)
 router bgpbgp
 Router riprip
 ip tacacs hwtacacs nas-ip (this command doesn’t exist !!!)
 mtu Mtu (this command doesn’t exist !!!)
 clear ip cef reset ip fast-forwarding
 clear ip route * reset ip routing-table statistics protocol all
 Clear ip bgp Reset bgp all
 Show tech display diagnostic-information
 Sh ip nat translation Display nat session
 Show Controller display controller (but not relevant for non-modularchassis)
 show dsl int atm 0 display dsl status interface Atm 2/0
 sho atm pvc Display atm pvc-info
 debug pvc nego Debug atm all (very dangerous – might crash router)
 sho crypto isakmp sa Display ike sa
 sho crypto isakmp key Display ike peer
 sho crypto isakmp police Display ike proposal